Product Care & Materials

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What materials do we use?

All our jewelry is hypoallergenic. We use materials that are semi-tarnish-free or gold/silver plated. It is important to always take care of your jewelry. 

What is hypoallergenic jewelry?

Hypoallergenic jewelry is jewelry that is made out of pure metals such as platinum, 18k gold, titanium, copper, stainless steel, fine silver, and sterling silver.

What is plated jewelry?

Plated jewelry is the general term referring to jewelry that has gold, silver, rhodium, or any type of precious metal plated over the base metal. As a result, this means that the item is not “solid” gold; it is similar to a cover of paint over another material.

We use quality resin.

Our resin is UV-Protected. Using UV-Protected resin is important because it will not turn yellow over time or when it is subjected to sunlight or heat. We value creating long-lasting products.